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Taking Care of Small Business S2E32 Jared Ribley

Episode Summary

Hosts Mark Sauter and W Samantha Newman want to help people who are business owners or want to own their own business. We share business tips, marketing tips, existing business for sale opportunities, and interview successful business professionals and find out their stories of success. This show is designed to education you on the in's and out's of small business and connect you with guest that will provide you with the advice and service related to your small business. In St. Louis County, this show airs locally on 929.FM and can be live streamed at KWRH929.org every Wednesday at noon. You can also find us on facebook, linkedin, twitter, and now on Anchor for podcasts! We are growing and excited to help the business community. Hoping to make a difference one show at a time. Mark will go over listing of business opportunities for sale in case you want to buy an existing business with a residual income stream. W Samantha Newman will do her Sassy Sami's Social Media Moment to help you navigate social media and spend your time wisely. You can find out more about Mark and Samantha by reaching them at: Mark Sauter marks@premierbb.com 314.306.3855 https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-sauter-6a636512/ W Samantha Newman wsnewman@suntidesigns.com 314.223.8822 https://www.linkedin.com/in/suntidesigns/ Jared’s professional background spans an impressive array of commercial categories, including business ownership, territory development, sales, and management. At the start of his professional career, Jared’s efforts were focused on understanding the operational needs of numerous Fortune 500 clients and developing creative problem-solving strategies. As a result, he was able to transfer his in-depth relational acumen to the environment of his own companies to enhance their success. In 2011, Jared was introduced to the world of private and confidential business sales, where he was quickly able to apply his many skills and comprehensive knowledge to business brokerage services. Since then, Jared has successfully sold over 100 businesses and become a respected mainstay of our industry. In 2019 he became a proud member of the Premier Business Brokers team. You can reach Jared here: 314.497.1562 jared@premierbb.com www.premierbb.com linkedin.com/in/jared-ribley-84612524